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tv   Close Up  CSPAN  September 4, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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 the fans have gotten behind  orioles and the youngest is on the mound. chris tillman. the orioles play 18th consecutive games against playoff contender. is the orioles and the rangers weekend baseball up next on masn. 
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 >> jim: on a gorgeous late summer friday night it's orioles baseball, the birds take to texas rangers the opening game of the 3 game weekend series. hi i'm jim hunter, the orioles after their first day off in 3 weeks yesterday are back at it tonight and in a challenges part of the schedule as the rangers in town the begin a 3 game series. the orioles are in a stretch they have played anchor sective game, anchor secondist games. the texas on the road the boston and new york. buck, when you look at what the orioles are against, it's bond the -- beyond the point of figuring out your way.
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for the younger players on the team, when you look in the dugout that's what they want to be like. this team won 5 games last september. the core wants the turn it around. the rangers have done that, the goal of the orioles is to do the same thing. shore up the defense. >> jim: the young pitching is on display, the youngest of the orioles pitch, chris tillman, he has the bulldog mentality. he's looking at this like it's me against them. >> you have to match up. you're not going to yield to rangers, tillman has been making progress with each start. he doesn't get rattles. he will pound the strike zone with all of his pitches of the last 5 starts have been good. first 2 e.r.a. over 6. didn't pitch deep enough into the game.
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his last 5 starts. .334 e.r.a. and pitching deeper into the game. his goal as a starter is to on beat the other team. >> there's not a player that should be satisfied with a boiler role with -- with a spoiler role. with so many new to team what does it mean. you like to say in the off- season we knocked the rangers out of playoff contention. >> jim: the opener of a 3 game certifies. it's the orioles and the rang, lineup and first pitch are coming up next. xw@t@t@@@@@h@x@
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 beautiful night for baseball. nice night to have ribs at the
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ballpark, the orioles and the rangers open up the 3 game weekend series. they played 20 consecutive days before yesterday's day off. southwest airline starting lineup for the rangers, texas come in with a 3-game winning streak. kinsler leads the ranges in runs, rbi, steal and walks.   >> buck: time for scouting report for chris tillman. fastball, 2-seam fastball, curveball and a change-up. his movement to fastball is improving. it gives him another dimension, he has defense in his change-up -- confidence in his defense.
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he. >> why it is that early on in his brief career he's handled left handed bat worse more efficiency? >> because of change-up. he does not throw the change-up as frequently as a right-handed batter. that's a mistake. he keeps the left-handers off balance. they don't have a chance to time the fastball. young pitchers are reluctant to throw change up to the same side batter as they're pitching. >> jim: here's the rookie borbone, he's in his 20th game. and right to michael. one pitch one down. as borbone.
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the out field has 30 assists. reimold, pie, izturis and roberts. aubrey makes his fourth start at 1st base and weeders teamed with his rookie batter a mate. chris tillman. here's andrus the short stop for texas. he takes a strike. we talked about possible rookie of the year candidate. here's another. a 6-game hitting streak going and pretty good numbers. he began as a 20-year-old starter. now 21. >> quite a continue strow versey. they asked michael young to move to 3rd base. young was reluctant. >> it's changed the defense. 2-1 to andrus.
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tillman makes his eighth start. he's coming off a no-decision, he pitched well. he pitched a game in which he pitched 5 strong and then the rain delay. he couldn't come back after. he's showing improvement. one thing that happened to pitchers they recognize that worked in the minor league will work in the big leagues. >> 2-2 to andrews. lined and in the right field for a base hit. >> as it sails out of the way. a one out single. rick dempsey was talking about how kinsler is dangerous 72. >> buck: he had 6 hits to night. he has power, hits for average, hits all over the ballpark and good speed. a great combination for a number 3 hitter. he has 28 steals on top of his
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bat. >> jim: he's more important to rangers, hamilton is out and young is out, and he might be out a couple weeks. >> buck: they expect young back at the start of the angel series the middle of the september. >> jim: breaking ball inside. 1-0 on kinsler. now 26 years old. >> jim: and introduced from -- andrus from first. he's a stone base threat. he has 4 on the year. >> and tillman steps off. >> buck: you have to expect the rangers will force the running game with young and hamilton out of the lineup. >> jim: there have been few stolen base attempts again tillman. that was outside. 2-0. >> buck: one thing tillman has to do is focus kinsler and not
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get distracted. kinsler is a threat to knock the ball out of ballpark. you can't be too preoccupied with the base runner at first. >> jim: the wait on that swing, 2-1. >> buck: think he was trying to hit it out. >> he smelled number 30. this is hard charging with the count in his favor and pulled his head off. >> jim: to bringing us our pitch traction. 2-1 on kinsler. just inside. ball 3.   >> jim: kinsler has been ho offs are his last 8 games and batting in the number 3 spot. tonight as a chases andrus with roberts batting third, each team's 2nd baseman in the number 3 spot. >> this is a perfect count for
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tillman the throw a change-up. kinsler is looking fastball and he should. >> ball 4. following a single there's a walk to kinglier. and texas has 2 on with one down. >> buck: rangers 17 game above .500, the second time this year they have been 17 above. they have not been able to get 18 above. they are in the race for the als title and the wild card. they might be easy for them to win the division than the wild card. byrd takes ball one. >> buck: agree, they have beaten the angels 9 of the 12 games they have played and only 3 1/2 whack of los angeles. they have 7 games remaining head-to-head. and texas plays well against
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the american league west and the angels have struggled against their division. >> jim: 1-0 fouled off down the right side. that will slice back. >> gary: this team thing tested by tillman. byrd is 3 for his last 30. no young, no hamilton, they need the guys the turn things around. this year again the orioles byrd has 3 doubles, 6 runs driven in and a .440 average. they would like to keep him cold. >> jim: pitch taken for a strike. 1-2 on byrd. chris tillman will be shut down in the future. here's the break down of his innings since he turned pro. mariners brought him slowly in
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'06. in 071 life 2/3. last year 135 2/3. 137 in this start tonight. there's a line drive and a base hit to left center field. andrus will score and texas has a 1-0 lead. on a 1-2 pitch. byrd got one out over the plate. >> buck: looks like a curveball that stays up and out over the plate. 3 base runners in a row reached after the leadoff hitter was on. a high curveball and over izturis and here comes andrus in to score the first run of the ball game. >> jim: kinsler stopped at second, byrd at first, here's david murphy. and see said the other day, expect a 20% increase in the innings pitched from the year
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before. that would mean tillman would have 25 more innings in him. david murphy swings through it. of course, there's easier innings than others, i'm sure they won't make it that finite. you're looking at maybe, 3, 4 starts. >> buck: what dave said before the game, they would watch how they perform. they have that number in their mind and they figured 20% is appropriate number. and dave suggested they will watch and make sure they are not pitching fatigued. don't have pinch-hit inning. keep an eye on them to make sure they are fresh. >> jim: murphy fouls it back. 8th mazing in his last year in the mariner's organization and last year he threw exact number of innings. one 35 2/3 each of the last 2
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years. >> he's very young guy. 21 years old. and brian roberts comes in, maybe he sensed relaying of location at 2nd base. if the catcher and pitcher give you an opportunity to. it's your duty to relay. if you can pick up location and give it to your hitter. that's part of the game. so as a catcher i felt it was my responsibility to protect the pitcher's location and pitch selection. >> murphy down in the count, 0- 2. and he got imhim -- got him. >> >> buck: that change-up. we talked about how much confidence in the change-up. can throw it 0-2 and getting an important strike out of david murphy. >> jim: 2 down, as tillman will
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go after cruz who is tied for fifth this the league in home runs with 30. texas is second in the league in home runs. 199 on the year. curveball, 1-0. it's kind of amazing were you talking about the several hits in the lineup who were slumping. you can see how they turned it around. bit -- it's about who goes to the mound. fastball, out at second base is the trail runner marlon byrd. that getting till monout of it -- till man out of it. texas one and here comes the birds. ?
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 matt waders on the orioles bench. throws the strike to end the inning. that's as good as matt has made. right to money to roberts. so weeders gets the trail runner. the starting line up for the orioles. this is not a mistake. pie, reimold, roberts in the number 3 spot, first time in his career he's batting third. markakis, scott and weeder, with aubrey and izturis rounding out it.
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>> scott feldman, fastball, curveball, slider and change- up. his fastball cuts unruns. he can cut the fastball on their hand and as rick dempsey told you he's 10-1 on the road. he's a road warrior. 25th start of the season. 14-4 for scott feldman. he's not a strike out guy. he wants to you put it in play. >> hard hit ball at third. in close was vizquel. pea is retired. one away. vizquel playing 3rd base, the third start of the season for veteran as michael young is out with a strained hamstring. he's been invaluable for his mentoring have andrus. and now he's going play an important part, anytime you put a 11-time gold glover in you have a leg up on it.
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>> nolan reimold batting second. and he takes a strike. nolan has a moodest two-game hitting streak going. 5 for his list 7. a home run the other night. his 13th on the year. swings through it, 0-2. >> that's the sinker. he throws the fastball, one and the inside that sinks and in the other cuts away. the cuter is very important facing left-handed batters. >> jim: 0-2 taken low. feldman talk about a pitcher putting it together quickly, in the sense he's had his best year. it's his first winning season in the major lesion. pitching in his fifth year. his best record coming into season was just 6 and 8. now he's 14-4. he was the 30th
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round draft pick of the rangers in 2003, the 886th player selected in that draft. >> jim: line drive, base hit to reimold. the orioles trying to -- texas have a one out single. >> jim: brian roberts coming up buck, batting third. the 2nd baseman in this game each batting third in the game. >> buck: you look at the 2 2nd baseman and offensively they compare favorable. extra base hit among the leader. roberts has scored more runs and kinsler has one more stolen base. 3 good offensive players. >> jim: brian comes one a man on, and felt man goes to
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stretch for first time. reimold has 8 steals and caught twice. the rank have rodriquez back, they traded for him and he's behind the plate tonight. all of a sudden the guy who was supposed to play twice a week, they keep writes his name in the lineup. >> buck: has to do with how quickly he's gotten into box step with the starters on this staff. there was a time in pudge's career, pitching was not so important, he was an offensive player. he could throw, change the game with the strength of his arm and the quickness behind the plate. when he went to florida he understood when what his main role was behind the plate. getting the pitcher through the game. >> a ball and a strike on roberts. that one breaks for a strike. may have bay cutter, buck,
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started outside and back in. and roberts took it. brian trying to find his stroke. he has a 2 game hitting streak going, 2 for 9 in the streak. you saw the numbers over the past 9 games. and strike 3 called. high strike called. roberts down. >> gary: this is part of the approach feldman uses. he will throw a lot of fastballs and that was a fastball up, it was within the strike zone. you can see it above his belt. in the scouting report they have notes he will run the ball upstairs and get to you chase. it's a called third strike. >> nick markakis now. reimold at first and 2 down. markakis 16 home runs, eighth in the league in rbi with those
7:25 pm
9. he station a strike. 1-0. >> feldman basically is a newer version of roy halladay, the conversion is effective. everything he throws moves now. his fastball moves to both side of the plate. just like halladay he throws a lot of strikes with this fastball. >> that one misses high. 1-1. the one thing he excels at is winning on the road. he has 10 wins to the road. only sabathia has more and he has 11 and won his 11th here this the other night. an amazing number when you see how many games he's won on the road, not only this year, in his career. >> buck: this is only his 25th start of the season. you have to give him credit for being so tough on the road. he was a reliever. this is his second season of starting. they have changed his whole
7:26 pm
approach. 1-1 on markakis. foul ball. rodriquez floats back to the plate. 1-2. >> what a season nick has had. when you look at his numbers since the all-star break, .330. 14 ducks a triple and 8 home runs. he's maintained the consistency that few young players are able to achieve, he's done it early. >> jim: in his fourth year at 25 years old. 1-2 the count on him. and it's low, 2-2. feldman 10-1 on the road and his only road loss came in interleague play. the giants beat him in san francisco. in his last 6 road decisions and there's the break down, he's 6-0 in his last 6 decisions on the road. high, ball 3. markakis has worked the count full, 3-2. will give reimold the break to
7:27 pm
2nd base. full count with 2 down. davis will play behind reimold with the left-handed player. texas got a run in the top of the first. the orioles trying to answer here in the bottom of the first. popped up. right over home plate. rodriquez throws him out. a man left. 1-0 texas. [ horse sound ] we're off. something smells funny and it ain't the ponies.
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 stanley has a chance to win scratch off tickets for every orioles home run hit. you curve a chance to win, enter by logging on the masn beautiful night at orioles park. still summer. not autumn yet. nelson cruz will lead off. he was at the plate when byrd was caught trying to steal. cruz, rodriquez and davis for text tend in the second. wing and it's down an way, 1-1. chris tillman has not won in
7:30 pm
his last 3 starts, his one and only big league win was august 14 against the angels. so he beat the angels to help out texas trying to return the favor tonight, to beat texas and help out the angels. ball 3. he's not in a very go deliveonight. we have seen this from time to time, it takes an inning or two he's leaving pitches up. so his timing is off. he's out in front of it. >> jim: highfly ball the center field. pie back on it and on the warning track he reaches up and has it. all the way back to the wall, but pie has it for out, and one down. tomorrow the orioles will honor
7:31 pm
to 1939 and 1949 champion baltimore eli giants by wearing special throw back uniform. a pregame ceremony is planned. don't miss this day at orioles park. for tickets. >> gary: that ball really carried. weight carrying during batting practice. pie aware of that had an idea that may go deeper than he thought. >> jim: rodriquez fouls it back. >> buck: pung flying -- plan was to catch -- pudge plan was to 2 and teagarden to catch 3. now pudge has started 9 of the last 11 games, 6 behind the plate and 3 at d.h. some of that will increase
7:32 pm
without young or hamilton. the 2 oftennive players. you want rodriquez in there at d.h. or behind the plate. >> ahead 0-2. just does get a piece to stay alive. they are 9th in the league in team batting texas, and 7th in run score. one thing they do well is it in home run, second in the league. though do strike out a lot. here's the 0-2. bounced to third. mora plays the hop and he will get rodriquez for the second out. texas has struck out 1066 times, and that's the most in the american league. you have that many free swingers, big cuts trying to hit the ball out. you benefit with the home run but the contrast is the strike out. >> buck: it's difficult to prolong innings. you can't bunch hits together. this is another guy that
7:33 pm
strikes out a lot of we saw that first time they were here. this is inside the chris davis. davis has struck out woven 24 times this year, and he's spent part of the year at triple-a. he was at one time leading the league in striking out. not any more. there's a strike, 1-2. all the other players in front of him with strike out have been with their teams the entire season. 2 out one on, one-0 texas. a slow chopper past the mound. roberts getting davis. chris tillman a solid 3 up, 3
7:34 pm
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 they make him change his gl that's different. and he's obviously used this glove before. that's the same glove he's always i'ded. they will make him cheek his glove. he'll have to talk to another pitcher on to get a darker glove. the glove is very close in color to his uniform. that was an interests meeting. the umpires said he's tossed that gulf aside. that's what it is. he has another glove.
7:37 pm
probably feels unfortunately. he's trying to get comfortable with that glove. it happened before. it's quite, not that common, i've seen it before, a pitcher will wear a particular glove that serves as a distraction. that's a lightly colored glove. 35 years in the big league said what's the big deal. he has a new glove now, and the chance to warm up again. you don't see that all that frequently. sometimes you see colored gloves and red gloves or black gloves. roger cleman had the gold glove. had a gold webbing and had to change that. anything that may distract the hitter. the pitchers are always getting sladed against. -- sladed against. >> takes a strike.
7:38 pm
they drop the mound. shrink the strike zone and now take his glove away. that's not right. >> there was probably an orioles that mentioned it. that's what it takes is somebody to say i can't see that glove is odd. you're looking for the release point. that would be ever his right shoulder. that glove is coming at you all the time, and it's serves as a distraction. >> weeders and moore will follow. high. >> jim: according to rule book. the pitchers glove shall be uniform in color. it may not be white or gray. had a shot of glove, it looked gray to me.
7:39 pm
now it's the retired glove. there you go. put that to trophy case. >> there's the traditional colored glove. there's his favorite glove, look how lonely it is on the bench. 1-2 on the scott. bouncer the 2nd base. kinsler plays a big hot. one away in the orioles second. >> jim: the other thing they don't pay a lot of attention to, is the out fielder's gloves. they are only allowed to be 12 inches long from the tip to any of the 4 fingers not the thumb. many of the outfielders have gloves that appear to be larger. they like the catch that ball running away. here's weeders, one out, none on. there's a strike. >> buck: we talk about the
7:40 pm
improvement of feldman from last year to this year. taken off 40 points in his opponents batting average against the left-handers. that's the pitch. the cut fastball. it's not unlike what rivera does. rivera is naturaller, and sharper breaker breaker. he was a sidearmer reliever. mark conner the former pitching coach suggested he'll vet the arm and throw cut fastball to salvage his career. that is fair. feldman will tag out weeders and 2 down as weeders sounded like he broke his bat. the orioles and masn have teamed up to make tickets more
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affordable. purchase maximum access tickets in up ther level for a dollar each for any remaining nonprime home game. they are available on a first come first serve basis. they must be purchased online 24 hours in advance. they are available for the rays series. they are going fast. get online at >> jim: mora now. and that's a breaking ball for a strike. melvin has had a good home stand. 8 hits. couple home runs. feldman was born in hawaii but grew up in california. the bay area of san francisco. went to san mateo junior
7:42 pm
college. >> melvin mora in the orioles lineup tonight, we looked at this with roberts batting third. he has more home runs than any other orioles. he and markakis have the same number of home runs. melvin has 6, roberts has 14. >> buck: brian roberts had to step in with the loss of jones. he had a conversation with dave trembley and he asked brian if he would have problems hitting third. he said i will do what you need. that's what a manager wants to hear. trying to put his two best hitters back-to-back. when you're a big bat it's difficult to replace him. >> jim: 3-1 on mora. off the end of bat. kinsler is there. 3 up, 3 down go the birds in the second. each pitcher is settling.
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at some restaurants when you get boneless wings... what are you really paying for? whoa! ha ha! i say "happy," you say "birthday!" happy... birthday! who's hungry? why pay for flair when you can get all the flavor for just $3.99 with wendy's new boneless wings. tender, juicy chicken, hand tossed in our signature buffalo or bbq sauce. it's waaaay better than fast food. it's wendy's.  welcome back, pie is hittin .382. when i spoke to him about the turn around i asked him how he was able to do it. he said terry crowley was the reason. he got emotional. it was a hard time when i lost my job in left field and he said people turned their back on him. crowley didn't. he worked with me, spent time
7:45 pm
in the batting cages and because of him i'm better. it was that time he learned his family would stick by him and terry crowley. he was his true friend. we know crowley knows talent and saw it in pie, stuck with him and harnessed that talent and we see that now on the field. >> jim: the crew has confidence in his hitters. he has an approach if they follow will have a chance to succeed. pie bought into that and we're seeing success that terry crowley felt was there and needed to be tapped. >> and pie is doing that. there's vizquel with a 3-0 count. and there's a 4-pitch walk to begin tinning. -- the inning. >> you want the number 9 hitter to turn the lineup over. >> reporter: it's a good one. terry crowley will work with anybody as long as he sees the
7:46 pm
effort from the player. pie gave him that effort. early on, even in spring training he was what reluctant. then he hit bottom and ball a good student. >> leo borbone the rookie tried to bunt his first at bat and popped up. crowley allowed us to go in and see how he works with the players. they go into the cage and on the field and the hope is that's when they bring on the game. >> buck: a lot of times players don't realize what they are doing. they can't see it until they see themselves in video. that's not where my hands are. he says yes they are. people can't sense for where
7:47 pm
they are in the batter's box. the way they are starting their hands the best guy on this team at do that, knowing his batting stroke is nick markakis. he can fick his stroke and has an awareness of what he's doing at the plate. nick is always tinkering with his stance, with his bat. making minor adjust. and as he said. i'm a very young hitter. i'm learning how to hit. and boy, if that's not a great sign for this organization and the relationship with nick markakis. i remember the first time i saw videotape it was in fort myers in the 73 spring training, charlie had a big machine. it was huge, it was on wheels and ran it on the field. what is that. you're going love this boys and it was a great tool.
7:48 pm
>> jim: fascinating the system the orioles have. they can call up at bats again certain pitchers, certain styles. >> jim: borbon fouls it back. the other day had scott on each side of the screen trying to hit a right hander fastball down and away. one not so well and one was a home run. everything was in the hands. >> buck: it's universal. every club has a great program. it's all computer based and makes it effective. >> jim: fouled back. barbone battling here. a coach is called up hitters at bat with all the pit hits and reinforce that positive approach, that's valuable. jerry is say positive guy. he wants to enforce the positive and don't worry about the negatives. >> 2-2 lined right to aubrey
7:49 pm
for a double play. you couldn't order it up better. right at aubrey. michael aubrey is a good fielding 1st baseman. he's been outstanding fielder. he's a former number one pick, he was picked number one by the indians out of tulane university in new orleans. he has a great glove. the interesting to see if he gets a chance to play more here in the month of september to see how he might factor in, in the plans in the future. >> andrus now, high fly ball to left. reimold back on it. has a play on the warning track now and that's the catch. andrus comes up short a walk and none left. middle of the third the rangers with a 1-0 lead. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping is easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate.
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 september 4, 1982, jim palm tosses the last of his 4 one hitters winning 3-0 at memorial stadium. what a beautiful night at orioles park. 1-0 texas on the rbi single in the first by byrd. orioles have had only one base hit through 2 at-bat against scott feldman.
7:52 pm
feldman has 21 wins in his big league career, 15 have come away from arlington. 15 wins on the road. he is 2-0 in his career against the orioles and 2-0 here at camden yard. >> buck: this is the first year for the pitching coach. he's not allowed them to think about pitching in arlington and complainingbility. >> aubrey a hop to davis. one down in the 3rd inning. that's the fifth ground ball out feldman gets aubrey leading off the 3rd inning. >> gary: quickly now, felt mav -- feldman has retired 5 straight. with his movement on the fastball command is important. see the win leaders in the mench league. sabathia, burr lander,. 
7:53 pm
 ball one to izturis batting 9th. texas short ends up at the corners even though he's not bumped it for a base hit much on the year. that's a strike on the inside corner. feldman i guess the latest example of if you have talent and figure out how to use the talent you can pitch and perform at this level. when texas drafted him in 2003, their number one pick was john tanks, they got kinsler in that draft in the 17th round and they got feldman in the 30th round. 885 players were selected before he was picked by texas. but, he had the arm and the talent and they figured out a way to use it. >> gary: it's just a matter of
7:54 pm
somebody identifying the talent and trying to unlock the secret to what will allow him to be successful. >> high fly bam. cruz has a play, and makes the grab. a 7 game hitting streak. >> pie has excelled with the bat. he's patient taking balls and swings strike. it's difficult to hit when you chase bad balls. he's been outstanding. 11 for 27. a .404 average. 4 home runs and driven in 7 runs. hit .329 since the all star break. he's hit opposite field home run. he's stayed on the ball. driven balls into the bullpen and hit one down toward the right fold line as well. he's using the whole field.
7:55 pm
swings through the 1-0 pitch. a ball 18 strike off pie. so much of coaching is about gaining a player's trust. you can be the greatest coach in the world, if the player does not trust you he won't work. felix turned himself out have to crowdedy -- crowell each the orioles go 3 up 3 down. 8 in a row retired by scott feldman. 1-0 rangers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come.
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 a fifth and final day has b added to attend 21 tenute out -- 1021, tenute out street. get the bleacher street. and the utah straight tee shirt. don't wait get your tickets.
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kinglier walked in the first. high fly ball to left field. he guessed right. reimold in the corner has it for the out and one down. tillman has allowed 10 home runs on the year. it's interesting when you look at the break down, 9 of 10 home runs have been solo home run. if you are going to give them up. that's how you like to do it. >> he's try to throw strikes not so concerned about locating strikes. you can see the difference in his approach compared the feldman. feldman is working on the corners. tillman is trying to throw strikes. that's okay. this is only his eighth major league start. matt weeders has not asking these young pitchers to make perfect pitchers he's trying to
7:59 pm
get them ahead. >> 1-1 on byrd who drove in the run against tillman. the only nonsolo home run aloud by tillman was a 2-run home run by rios with the blue jays in toronto. foul. 1-2. >> that's the last home run rios has hit. he went to chicago has not done a thing for the white sox. >> jim: byrd now 32 years old, broke in with the phillies, found a home in texas. lined toward the concern but slicing foul. he was an infielder and now he's an outfielder and does a very good job. >> buck: aim a -- i'm a firm believer anyone that makes it to the major leagues has talent and there's


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